Cynthia Felice

About Her Writing…

Cynthia Felice is best known for her complex, carefully plotted novels. These, which range from the complicated menage a trois in The Sunbound to the marital contention in Eclipses, have been described as engrossing, amusing, and compelling. Exotic, exciting detailed settings and intense interpersonal relationships make her novels some of the reliably enjoyable science fiction on the market today, and have inspired such comments as “Let me choose my words carefully. This is the finest science fiction novel I have read in the last five Years” in Science Fiction Review, and “…fun, fast and full of schemes that keep it entertaining” Locus.

Writing Workshop Enthusiast

Cynthia Felice attended the Clarion Writer’s Workshop in 1976, the Milford workshops in 1977, 1980, 1981, and 1983. With Edward Bryant, she co-founded the Colorado Springs Writers’ Workshop, and ongoing forum for writing iconoclasts and rebels since 1974. She served on the selection panel for the Western States Arts Foundation for Writers’ Community Workshops, the 1988 Nebula Jury, and has been a guest lecturer and instructor at colleges, high schools, and workshops. As a writer who is over the age of 50 with a library card, Felice believes she has a lot to share with would-be writers and students.
Awards and Distinctions

Cynthia Felice was nominated for the John W. Campbell Award after the publication of her first novel, Godsfire. She received the Award for Outstanding Paper from the Society for Technical Communication for her paper, “ The Future is Now for Automating Document Control, a Case History for the User.”

Other Professional Endeavors

Cynthia Felice’s peculiar insistence on eating regularly and sleeping in a warm bed inspired her to prevail as a member of the work force for more than twenty-five years. Her inquiring intellect and engineering bent led her to become a sales engineer for capital equipment the electronics field, a motel owner, and a manager of configuration control departments for major corporations.

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